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  The history of commercial space development for the Japanese Retail Industry links closely to the growing steps of SEMBA!  
We always pay attention for the latest trends & customer needs from the beginning of our business establishment until today. Besides we are focusing our business domain into the Retail Industry, and ensure to lead the successful business result of our customer in the strong relationship & collaboration with them. This is the reason why we are keeping our name renown in the Retail Industry. So, we believe our history is corresponded with the history of the Japanese Retail Industry.
  Our Corporate Mission = SUCCESS PARTNER SEMBA  
  We are proud to say that we are keeping on performing as the leading company & the important role in the Retail Industry because of keeping on minding in every moments how we can help our valuable customers in the business successfully in order to be the best business partner with the customers; in the past and for the future.  

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